The Sky Suites Towers - AMENITIES

Commercial Area

Leisure amenities and retail spaces are available to residents and commercial tenants. Our commercial tower is well adorned with establishments that are carefully assembled to provide the best lifestyle.

Sky Gardens

Breathe in fresh air and feel the warm touch of sunlight at the mezzanine garden. Embrace the beauty of nature in this sanctuary inside the city.

Swimming Pool

Take a refreshing dip in the private indoor pool or just simply lounge by the pool bar and deck.

If The Sky Suites Towers’ location isn’t enough to make you consider this as an investment dream come true. Then probably its world-class an top of the line facilities and amenities will make you want to buy one now. Other than making sure that you get to have the best locations in the metro, The Sky Suites Towers know that you also need places where you can unwind and freshen up before once again going into life’s battlefield and that is why you deserve to have the best things in life.

Are you an entrepreneur? A person that is looking for ways to reach your target audience? How about a start-up company that seeks a place to plant their roots of success for the future? If that is who you are then why not try investing in The Sky Suites Towers? Being located in the center of almost everything, making us your home can easily boost your business in the way you have dreamt it to be. Venturing into a business with Sky Suites Towers enables you to access young professionals and the upper middle class to upper class publics. Being accessible to schools, enables you to tap students. Another reason why you should consider The Sky Suites Towers if you are a start-up is the ample amount of yuppies in the area. This gives you an opportunity to get employees from the said demography, which makes your beginning as a start-up much smoother than it should have been. There is also a stable flow of consumers in the area as The Sky Suites Tower is also a residential building that have residents in it. These residents can be your regulars in whatever business you would like to set up in the area.

The Sky Suites Towers also have a sky garden where you can unwind and let the flow of time enter your body. It is a place where you can see nature thrive in the harsh urbanity. This is where you can feel revitalized after a long week of stress and worries. This is a place where you can somehow hit a pause button and somehow feel time slow down.

Plunge into the blue in The Sky Suites Towers’ swimming pool. Feel refreshed as you dip yourself and feel reborn after being part of the waters. You can also chill out in the pool deck and bar and just watch the day go by.

Finally, because your safety is important, The Sky Suites Towers have a 24/7 security that will ensure your safety and well-being as a resident of The Sky Suites Towers.


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